Guyana Guardian – A recently retired Senior police officer in neighbouring Trinidad did the unexpected, after a family quarrel went too far.

The man, identified as Ex-Sergeant 9951 Alexander in a BraveBoy news report is said to have lighted himself afire in his car in Fyzabad, a town in southwestern Trinidad that is located some 74 Kilometers from the capital Port Of Spain.

While details are sketchy, the Guyana Guardian understands from several social media reports that the retired officer was experiencing domestic problems with his wife.

One commentator, who seems to be connected to the officer, exclaimed that the man could not face up with the reality of certain secrets that he recently uncovered.

It remains unclear if the discoveries had anything to do with his wife or someone else.

It is understood that following a loud quarrel, the man took a sheet outside of his house, went into the car where he was sat with his son, before pouring a bottle of gasoline on his head and then setting himself on fire.

In a video posted on social media, the man can be seen screaming and running in all directions as the effect from the fire set in.
While the man had suffered burns to at least 80% of his body, it remains unclear as to whether he has survived.

The car was completely destroyed by the fire.