Popular Lethem drug dealer Troy Fordyce called Burnham, who was recently released from prison after serving a sentence for drug trafficking, will soon be on his way back to prison again after a surprise police raid on his property this morning, unearthed a quantity of illicit drugs.

According to residents in the area, a party of policemen from the Lethem Police Station swooped down on Burnham this morning and carried out a search on his property.

While they were not sure about the amount of drugs that were found, at least two witnesses claimed that they have observed police taking away Fordyce with a bag containing what appears to be marijuana, and possibly other substances.

They also said that the reputed wife, who is also the mother of his children, and whose name has been given as Rovanda, was also taken into custody by the lawmen.

Some of the residents subsequently pointed out that the drug dealer has been a nuisance to the township, while expressing their wariness at his perceived disregard for the law.

They commended the police for nabbing the man, while noting that his arrest has reassured the community that the Lethem police were not tainted by Fordyce’s drug money, since he was previously labeled as someone with strong police connections.

While a senior officer at Lethem has pointed this publication to the Divisional Commander for information, a junior rank was later able to confirm the arrest of Fordyce, but could not say why the drug dealer was in custody.