EDITORIAL – Yesterday we published an article which indicated that the President’s cancer is actually at his throat, and had further added that he cannot speak or is having difficulty speaking.

We did not publish that information lightly.

As a matter of fact, the same source in Cuba who had told us that the President has cancer (when the government was lying, but later admitted this), is the same source that has told us that the President has a speech problem and may not be able to return to Guyana during the weekend as he had said.

They insisted that the President has cancerous issues with his throat and that it was spreading to his lungs.

Our publication had paid a large amount of money to the informants in Cuba to obtain that kind of information, but was somewhat sceptical about publishing it.

As a matter of fact, when we received this information on Thursday last, as the Senior Editor at the Guardian, I initially refuse to publish it, since I was assured by a government source that the President was well and was returning the next day (Friday gone – 3 days ago).

However, just as the source in Cuba has maintained that the President is not in a position to return on Saturday, I realize that what they had told our publication was indeed true. The President did not return, and the administration was silent.

The source at the Ministry of the Presidency was lying to us.

Couple with that and assurances from our source, we deiced to go ahead and publish the information that we have received, which was that the President could not speak (at least on Friday right through to Sunday), and that the cancer had either spread to his throat or was actually at his throat.

We were reminded that the speech problem can be intermittent, meaning that there will be times when he can talk and times when he cannot.

But the article had one poor paragraph, which had said that the President had not spoken recently. A terrible blunder, but should have interpreted differently.

Nonetheless, within hours of the article, the government sent out a press release to denounce the story, while focusing on that particular paragraph. The Press release had no name attached to it, or no endorsement by a single government Minister. (An oversight I guess).

We then published the government’s press release and made every effort to let the public know that the State has deemed our original story as a lie. However, thousands of people continued to share the original article while many email us to say that they do not believe the government, and that they believe Guardian’s article which says that the President has throat cancer. Therefore, many choose to continue to share the original article and refuse to share the government statement (check the numbers).

The public is not so stupid. They can put two and two together. The President did not arrive on Friday or Saturday as they had promised that he would. He is still not here, and up to now, no one can explain why. But let us leave that for another time.

Our publication is not targeting the President or anyone, as a matter of fact. We have a right to investigate and keep the citizens of this country informed – that is what news publications do, even though there are people who would be angry whenever we publish the truth.

We also have an obligation to the thousands of readers who read our publication every day.

All that aside, I can safely say that even when we do not publish an article, more than 40,000 people visit the Guyana Guardian website every single day; – placing us at the forefront for online news dispensation in Guyana each day.

Any person using the right tools would also discover that articles from the Guyana Guardian are the most widely shared on social media when compared to every other Guyana based news publication. Hence, I can safely say that more people access and share our content on the web more than any other online news outlet in this country. A record that we are proud of.

Hence, our news publication has no need to publish a fake story or make up a story to get readers.

We are already number one when it comes to online journalism in Guyana. There are no more rungs left on the online news ladder for us to climb.

That being said, as the Editor-in-Chief of this publication, and as the person who personally perused the information that was submitted by our sources in Cuba, I wish to reiterate that the Guyana Guardian firmly stands by its original story which said that the President’s cancer is in his throat.

While we are working more assiduously with our sources in Cuba to get more convincing evidence to share with our readers, we are challenging the government to release another video of the President speaking now (in Cuba), and to further contest the medical data that we would soon publish.

In closing, we remain thankful to those readers who remain loyal to our publication’s readership, and for also reminding us that when we said Blanhum was fired as Crime Chief – the State had said that was fake news, when we said that Ramnarine was leaving the force – the State had said that was fake news, and when we first said that the President had cancer – government supporters had said that was fake news.

Again, we believe our sources and will stand with our original story – even as the State is saying once again that it is fake news.

In the end, the Truth has always set us free, and will once again set us free.

The public will eventually discover that the Guyana Guardian was once again, telling the truth, … or maybe, as the Government had said, ‘it is all fake news”.

After all, we wish the President well.

Dennis E Adonis