Georgetown (Guyana Guardian) The late Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, a former President of Guyana is probably now turning over and over in his grave.

This is because a bust which was mounted in his remembrance on the lawns of the headquarters of the National Congress of Women at 44 Public Road, Kitty several years ago is now attracting some unusual attention.

The attention has been forthcoming because for some unexplained reason, the bust honouring the former comrade leader is found to be disgracefully covered with a blue tarpaulin during the day, which is only removed during the dark of the night, and then reverted back to being covered again the next day.

While speculation is rife, the Guyana Guardian has learnt that the PNCR is now engaged in a bitter court battle to recover the property from a woman who had rented it for recreational purposes about two years ago.

Some are suggesting that the tenant may have probably took it upon herself to cover up the bust out of anger with the PNCR for taking her to court to recover the property, while others presumed that the woman had probably considered the bust of the former president an inconvenience to guest visiting the recreational facility.

But whatever the reason may be, the public is still searching for answers, and wants the PNCR or the estranged tenant to offer an explanation.
And in despite of this publication’s efforts, none was forthcoming.

The property had previously housed a nursery school. But sources claimed that a section of the party’s membership decided to rent it out to the woman in question to open a rum shop and food court