A deportee who was arrested last Friday after he allegedly fondled several grades one to grade five (primary school) children, remains in custody, as the Childcare and Protection Agency has joined the investigations, which has since been widened to other schools in the district.

The man who allegedly described himself as Santa Claus to some of the children, is said to be a regular presence around a West Coast Berbice Primary School, where he would often buy sweets, biscuits and hot dogs among other things, to induce them.

He would then sneak into the school washroom whenever the children enter there and then fondle them.

Last Friday, his luck ran out after teachers became aware of the occurrences, and promptly reported the matter to the police and the School’s Welfare Department.

Acting on that information police arrested the man who was spotted walking along the community’s Public Road and took him to the station.

Several parents later converged at the police station with their affected children to give statements.

The Guyana Guardian subsequently spoke to some of them who explained that their children were returning home with items such as hot dogs and chocolates that their parent did not packed.

When questioned, the children would say that “Santa Claus” give it to them.

The parents said that they were puzzled since it was not Christmas time, and mostly because they could not have understood why someone was giving the items to their children.

But by the time they realize what was happening, it was already too late.

While the authorities have so far documented allegations from about ten children, persons who are familiar with the case says that information coming in from other parents are suggesting that more than twenty children were most likely fondled by the “Santa Claus” who is said to be living close to the school.

Since the incident, a source at the Childcare and Protection Agency had urged this publication to avoid publishing any information that can identify the children or the school that they attend.

The man is said to be deportee who was sent back to Guyana after being held in connection with a murder case in Barbados.