(Guyana Guardian) – A soft spoken and cunning serial rapist that had preyed on more than half a dozen Enmore young women over the past few months alone has continued to evade capture, thanks to the unwillingness of the victims to effectively assist the police.

Based upon more than six months of data gathered by the Guyana Guardian, it was evident that the serial rapist has targeted several unsuspecting women who have risked walking along the Enmore railway embankment road alone during nightfall.

While most of the 16- mile railway embankment road is dark at nights, the area at Enmore where the attacks often occurred is at the junction of the railway embankment and the Enmore estate road, which is swamped with bushes, and has no lighting systems or nearby residents to deter the attacker.

According some of the victims, the serial rapist would unexpectedly approach them from behind, constrain them via a neck vice, point a sharp weapon on their person and warn them to comply with his demands.
The women who would often choke to plea for their lives, would then receive a life sparing assurance from the attacker only if they remain quiet and comply with his demands for sex.
They are then dragged into the dark compound of a nearby abandoned ice house building or into an adjacent bushy lot, where the attacker would commit various gruesome sex acts on them, against their will.

Based upon previous reports, police at the Enmore outpost were said to have found many bits of evidence in the past including several ladies underwear that were strewn across the location where the women said that they were raped.

They were able to surmise that the quantum of dumped and muddied underwear around the area would have been a fair yardstick that can be used to determined the average amount of women that must had been raped there.

The Guyana Guardian has been reliably informed that there are more than half a dozen rape reports that were made at the Enmore Police Outpost pertaining to the same location for 2016. This is believed to be only a fraction of the actual cases, since most of victims do not bother to report the matter.

But even though police remains on the lookout, the perpetrator was always one step ahead of the law-men and his would be victims.

Most of the women have described the attacker as being well built, soft spoken, and standing somewhere between 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet tall. However, most were unable to see his face or ascertain his facial characteristics, since the man would often commit the act against them while pressing their faces down.

However, while police are willing to capture the perpetrator, most, if not all of the victims or their relatives are often reluctant to pursue the matter for fear that it may have serious social and cultural repercussions on their lives, as police confidentiality and potential suppression of their stories from publicity is often not guaranteed.

In one case, a father actually begged the police to discontinue their investigations into the matter since his daughter who was also raped at the hands of the same perpetrator, was schedule to be married less than two months away.

The father is said to have made this request because he did not wanted the overseas based groom or his family to get wind of the incident, since he presumed that if they knew then that would have meant total abandonment of his daughter’s marriage prospects.

One source told the Guyana Guardian that all of the victims are of Indo-Guyanese ethnicity from the Enmore area, who are either ashamed or unwilling to pursue the matters since certain life processes such as marriage etc would elude them if the incidents becomes known to their potential suitors or other villagers.

The source added that quieting down matters of such nature are not uncommon in Indo-Guyanese communities, since most families are often ashamed to confront or accept the reality of a loved one being raped. He concluded that such seemingly cultural behavior would only lend courage to the serial rapist, since he may be certain that prosecution would be elusive even if he is captured.

Guyana Guardian photo of a woman who took advantage of the daylight to traverse the area where the rapist would strike on selective nights.
Guyana Guardian photo of a woman who took advantage of the daylight to traverse the area where the rapist would strike on selective nights.

Residents in the Enmore area has since claimed that they have been asking for proper lighting and an increased police surveillance of the area since the previous government was in power.
They are however claiming that the new administration have not addressed the matter either, even though there were indications that they would do so.

While there is an active community policy group that services the area by an extended group of locally armed men, many residents claimed that the group is like the fifth wheel of a coach, since they they have been unable to curb the occurrences of any major criminal activity.

Observers are also amused at the fact that the Enmore Police Station (outpost) is a mere 100 yards from the location where the rapes would often occur.

Efforts by this publication to contact Guyana’s Minister of Public Security, Mr. Kemraj Ramjattan or Commander of the Guyana Police Force C Division, Asst. Commissioner of Police Marlon Chapman about the Enmore junction rape matters were futile.