An international news outlet (see this Link) has just reported that, in the wake of a 7.3 earthquake on the Venezuelan coast this afternoon, the U.S. Pacific Tsunami Center is now saying that the quake, which was fairly deep, could cause several tsunami waves and damages to the coastal area near the epicentre.

According to the body which measures tsunamis and tidal waves with a great degree of precision, the quake was 76.5 miles (123.11 km) deep; – a factor that can trigger several tsunamis.

The northern coast where the earthquake runs along Guyana’s Atlantic coast, which can see some minor activities as a result.

However, the Tsunami Centre explained in the article which appeared in the UK Mirror (see Link) that the tidal waves can occur as much as 25 miles away from the epicentre of an earthquake.

While it is too early to confirm where the Tsunamis will occur or their size, the body explained that the Tsunamis may most likely be small in any case.

Tsunamis can become effective several hours or even several days after an earthquake that has triggered it.

Latest update: Tsunami Warning Canceled by US Tsunami Center