Several Young Women are claiming that they were tricked into paying between $1,500 to $10,000 to an East Bank Demerara man who had told them that they had to pay the monies first before he can give them a job. But after waiting for several months, they claimed that none of them was given any job.

Pointing to an old newspaper job advert, one of the young women told this publication that the ‘scam’ works in a simple way with the intention of first harvesting its victim.

In her case, she saw several job adverts pointing to the same place for various job positions with an attractive salary.

After applying for the job, herself and another friend who had also applied were called with an advise to visit the recruiter’s office at Bagotstown on the East Bank of Demerara. They were both told to walk with $1,500.

According to the young woman, when she got to the location there were other young women there waiting, while some had passed them on their way in.

After processing those that had come before her, the young woman explained that when it was her turn, she was told to pay the money, and then wait for a phone call. But like dozens of other girls that she had connected with, no phone calls came and no job was ever offered to them.

When the Guyana Guardian interviewed some of the young women, they all repeated the same story and identified the man who had collected their monies as Anthony Snow, a man who was released from prison in 2016, and had once run as a Presidential Candidate.

It is said that Snow uses many aliases, but his real name was Anthony Sean Correia.

He was previously arrested in the United States for fraud and was also arrested in 2002 for the murder of a Washington woman. He was later deported to Guyana where he had established various questionable online and offline business ventures, most of which were subsequently closed down.

Efforts to reach out to Mr Snow regarding the allegations proved futile.