Guyana Guardian – A single mother of two is claiming that she is now “angry and suicidal” after a housing official failed to deliver on his promise to help her out with a house lot, even though she had honoured her side of the deal which entails degrading dignity, and bribing the official with several rounds of sex.

So upset is the seemingly muddled woman that she resorted to posting an image of the Ministry of Housing official on Facebook last Friday, along with sordid details surrounding her sexual rendezvous with the man. However, she was later coerced into taking the post down some thirty minutes after it began trending on social media.

In the Facebook post, the woman basically claimed that she was forced to have sex, (which included both anal and oral in some cases) with the named Ministry of Housing official more than ten times after the man had assured her that he can help her to get a house lot.
But after more than four months of sex with the man, which she described as “four months of sexual exploitation”, she did not get through with the promised house lot. As a matter of fact, the man is no longer taking her calls about the matter.

At the end of the  Facebook post, she warned other women about the man, and shared that she intends to expose him to the subject Minister, to whom she would reveal several WhatsApp messages between herself and the man, and which clearly shows what their regular sexual encounter was about.

However, the post was no longer live on Facebook when this publication revisited it some thirty minutes later, and after it would have already attracted more than a hundred and fifty social reactions, about 80 shares, and around 80 comments.

As a result, this publication decided to reach out to the woman in question and inquire about the matter.

According to her, she is standing by her story and no longer cares if her full name or face has to be posted in the news, since in her view, her dignity is already lost, and “it was already on Facebook anyway”. But this publication has decided against exposing her identity.

Speaking to this publication during a phone call, and having to pause intermittently to hush some children that were noisily playing in the background, she blamed desperation, lack of stable employment, and a seemingly corrupt social system for her plight.

She works three days a week as a cleaner at a supermarket, whose owner would often assist her with foodstuff for her children. But even though her one-bedroom rented apartment below a shabby shack in the countryside is a measly G$3,000 (US$14) per month, the woman says that she still owes about 6 months rent, and is struggling to pay.
Her landlady who is poor herself can no longer put up with her delinquency almost every month, and had asked her to move since she is a pensioner and is struggling herself.

The woman is alleging that even though she had visited the Ministry of Social Protection and a handful of women organization, none of them has ever offered her any real help, except for asking her questions and filling up forms.

To make matters worse, the father of her children is currently in prison serving time for narcotics which she later learnt that he was selling on commission for another man in the city. “I honestly thought he was going to construction work like he had said, everyday” she stressed,

Referring to her situation at the housing ministry, the woman lamented that after applying for a house lot some two years ago, she has been visiting the Ministry from about a year thereafter in her quest to get her application approve, even though she says that she actually cannot afford to pay $50,000 (US$230) if she was offered a low-income lot today.
However, after being repeatedly told that they are not ready to process her application as yet, she shared her frustration with another female friend of hers who had applied for a house-lot about three years before her and had gotten through.

In turn, her friend emphasizes with her and told her what she had to end up doing to get through, but did not advise her to do the same thing.

According to her friend, who is a single mother with five children, her application was fast-tracked by an official at the housing ministry, after she became sexually involved with the man over a four-month period.

In desperation, the woman said that she decided to follow her friend’s path, and thus visited the man at his Brickdam office, where she told him of her plight.
She alleged that the man soon followed through with his ‘freshness’, and told her that he can help her. So she left her number as requested.

She added that after receiving a call from the man some two days later, she was invited to reach for a drink at Demico Roof Garden.

After arriving there, the woman said that she accepted two beers from the man, and allowed him to fondle her since in her own words “I done know wha ga fuh happen, so I ain’t mek no style”.

She claimed that the man told her that he is admiring her and would help out of her situation, but he has to take certain risks within the Ministry to get the house lot for her.

Over time, the official claimed that he was feeling romantic, and if she would be inclined to satisfy him. After nodding in approval, she alleged that they went to a hotel where she allowed the man to “do whatever he wanted” with her.

As time went by, the woman said that the same practice continued for several weeks, even in cases where she was hungry, but still lay on her back and allowed the man to enjoy himself.

Crying on the phone, the woman alleged that the man raised the bar sometime later and demanded anal sex from her, which she had to endure on at least five occasions, much to her displeasure.

“All of it was painful, but I bare up, cause I know I was doing it jus fuh get a place fuh my chiren dem”, said the distraught woman.

However, after fooling her every week, that he is only getting through with house lots in high-income housing schemes where the land is sold for between $500,000 to one million dollars (US$2,400 to US$4,800).
But after repeatedly bluffing that she now has a relative from overseas who is ready to pay for the land, but has to see the documents, the man blocked her number, and had given security instructions not to allow her into the Brickdam office.

When this publication attempted to speak with the man on Saturday, he threatened to sue the Guyana Guardian for slander if his name or this story was published, and also promised to have this publication’s Editor-in-Chief arrested for threatening him; – an act that did not occur, but is often used by many persons to suppress the publication of articles that exposes them.

UPDATE: – Moved by her plight, the Guyana Guardian decided to contact the woman’s employer, a few hours before publishing the above article. The man who happens to be associated with a number of companies in Guyana, was shocked at the entire story.

Preferring to remain in the background, he has since met with his employee yesterday (Saturday), and immediately cleared off her rent with the landlady, while providing some additional monetary assistance.
He subsequently told this publication that he is assigning an attorney to look into the woman’s issue from Monday, and will be taking the matter up with the subject minister if necessary.
As a matter of fact, the businessman who also operates a major import and export business in the city, says that he will be inclined to pay the cost of the house lot if one is assigned to his employee.

However, like several other persons with whom this publication has consulted regarding this matter, the businessman is of the view that a large number of desperate single mothers who visit the housing ministry is being sexually exploited in the same way.

He insists that the Minister ought to open a direct line or channel for complaints in this regard, because “there are a number of degrading skulduggery at that ministry”.