A small faction of female students at the University of Guyana (UG) is claiming that many male lecturers at the country’s premier higher educational institution have been using promises of good grades to lure many of them into becoming sex slaves.

From law students to medical students, to aspiring accountants, the desperation for good grades, and a university degree has practically forced a number of young women to readily carry on with a sexual relationship with a lecturer or even multiple male lecturers, in a bid to achieve this feat.

But what is even more interesting, is the fact that many of these sex-for-grades relationships are allegedly known sometimes to faculty heads or persons within the administration of the University.

With tales of abortions, confrontation with the wives of lecturers, and regular social media showdowns between rival females who may be sleeping with the same lecturer, many of these young women see their indulgence in this practice as an integral part of the struggle for academic success.

“For them, it is a normal thing, since they often do not want to disappoint their parents, husbands, or relatives, who may be sponsoring their education. Hence they are often willing to do whatever it takes not fail”, said a staff member at the university, who was commenting in her private capacity.

It is understood that the practice is even more rampant in the Medical faculty, where grading for prospective doctors is very tough, in addition to the Law faculty where literally dozens of young women compete to make the limited 25 batch members that can be admitted annually to the Hugh Wooding Law School Trinidad.

For many of them, offering up a little sex to guarantee a medical pass or to secure their enlistment to complete their legal education is not much of an issue.

Speaking to the Guyana Guardian, a handful of students (who insisted on not being named) went on to identify and label several male lecturers as sex-for-grade chieftains, while further naming several students who have acknowledged being involved with them.

Contacted on the issue, one senior official at the University of Guyana, pointed out that “rumours” of sexual relationships between students and lecturers have been an ongoing subject matter at both the Turkeyen and Tain campuses for years now.

And even though there “might” had been a few isolated incidents of such a scenario in the past, he reiterated that no solid accusations or complaints about sexual grooming or sexual assaults by lecturers had ever been formally brought before the University’s administration.

While admitting that sexual relationships between a University student and a lecturer is largely unethical, he stressed that there is not much anyone can do to remedy such an occurrence, since practically all of the students who are attending the University of Guyana (UG) are adults, and whose relationship preferences will be within their right.

However, observers have been pointing to the fact that corrupt dealings and favoritism in the grading process has always been the reason why most of the students becomes sexually involved with their lecturers.
As such, they insist that any female student who is essentially handing sex to a lecturer that is overseeing her grades would have been obviously involved in an unethical relationship that can certainly put the credibility of the University’s grading systems and conferred degrees, into disrepute.