With Diamond housing scheme being a community of mostly working professionals, the entire area is often transformed into a quiet and almost still standing suburb during the daytime working hours.

But while this may sound like a good thing for anyone who may desire a great degree of daytime peace and quietness, it has turned out to be a security issue for many Diamond, East Bank Demerara residents, particularly those living around the first bridge area.

According to several residents from that zone, they have to contend with a rotating gang of young criminals who rides around the area during the day and scoping out their houses, while targeting anyone, especially young girls, that may be walking the lonely streets, or that may be home alone.

While some women are too much in anguish to share their degrading experiences, others were able to escape, in as much that they can share their experiences. But the nature of the incidents are almost the same, and generally involves sexual assault and robbery.

One of the most recent attacks had occurred only a few days ago, when a teenage girl who had stayed home from school, decided to venture out of her home to buy some items at a nearby shop.

She explained that on her way there, a young bandit rode up on a red motorcycle from behind and quickly grabbed her waist, while trying to search her pockets for valuables.

However, the teen told this publication that she instinctively began to scream while running for her life.

The bandit then made good his escape.

Interestingly, none of the perpetrators are from Diamond.

According to a police officer that lives in the area, the young bandits are from the Caneville/ Grove neighborhood, and who basically has the benefit of a connecting bridge, which has made it very easy for them to launch attacks on the Diamond residents with impunity, before safely escaping back into Caneville.

He added that it is generally difficult to pursue these bicycle bandits, because the connecting bridge is not sizable enough for vehicles such as a car to traverse during a chase.

However, most members of the community are urging the authorities to swiftly remove the bridge, since it is more benefiting to criminals than to any other class of users.

Alternatively, a smaller grouping of residents are of the view that if the authorities do not want to remove the bridge, then they should immediately consider placing a small police mobile boot at the said bridge area, since it is also a liming zone for the criminally inclined.