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In the wake of several sexual grooming allegations being leveled against a Bishops High School teacher, the Guyana Guardian took a closer look at sexual relationships between students and teachers, but was surprised when most observers began to point their fingers at the private education sector where they claimed that such acts are more prevalent.

Pointing to a named private school, one former teacher provided graphic details of even the owner of that school selectively taking teenage school girls on binge drinking sessions at a private place with his vehicle, which automatically leads to sexual acts between himself and the lured student.[sociallocker]

She also mentioned a case where one male teacher was demanding oral sex in exchange for a preview of test papers relating to the two subjects he taught.

One elderly grandparent also highlighted a case at the same school in which her 15-year-old granddaughter was impregnated by a teacher, and was forced to have an abortion.

She added that even though a complaint was made to the Department of Education, only two meetings were held, and which has since been swept under the carpet.

The woman added that her granddaughter’s mother later flew into the country and had the child placed in s public school, but not before learning that her daughter was having sexual contact with her male teacher for the sake of better grades.

Shockingly the child kept pressing the notion that she had consented to the sexual relationship with her teacher, and was quite knowledgeable about the consequences.

That case among others has since lent credence to claims that many of these students (mostly female) are often fully aware of their actions and are surprisingly more than willing to participate in these sexual relations with their male teachers for various forms of rewards, and not necessarily cash.

From being desperate to take home impressive classroom grades to their parents, to needing preferred help with their CSEC SBA’s many of these students are usually inclined to engage in sexual relationships with their male teachers, since it is seen as an easy way to address parental pressures and academic expectations when it comes to their performance at school.

And with the Ministry of Education’s oversight of private schools in Guyana being notoriously poor, many incidents at these sometimes-obscure institutions are mostly unreported or inadvertently ignored.

In other instances, female students have been known to be allowed to pay deeply reduced tuition fees in exchange for sexual favours, sometimes even with the parent’s suspicion or indirect knowledge.

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