A woman is so emotionally wrecked and feels so cheated about an employment issue that she is pleading with anyone, whether within the government or the private sector, or be it a lawyer or an adviser, to help her to address the issue that is now impacting negatively on her life.

The visibly disturbed woman is literally begging the Board of Directors of the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital to kindly pay her salaries and entitlements that are due to her, and she would never ever bother them again.

“I am begging you”, she stressed.

In tears, the woman said that she had been ‘slaving’ for the medical institution for more than 14 years, and was allowing deductions and certain things to be made from her salary, hoping that when she parted ways with the private hospital she will get what was promised to her to survive on. But she has come to learn a bitter lesson that she now has no time to absolve.

According to the woman (name withheld), she was just about a few months away from certain entitlements from the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, and was hoping that she may be able to take care of certain life obligations thereafter.

After being notified that she was entitled to proceed on her annual leave, the woman said that she also asked for two months no pay leave, which was granted by then CEO Ms Deborrah Ramsay. Thereafter the woman who was a Relief Supervisor at St. Joseph at the time, proceeded on her vacation in July, and which would end in October.

However, when the woman returned to work on October 1st, she was told that her employment has been terminated, since the hospital has already recruited someone else to take up her position.

Thinking that there was a mistake, the woman said that she went to see the new CEO, Mr Enoch Wayne Gaskin, but the way in which he handled her, certainly leaves much to be desired.

According to the woman, Mr Gaskin, who has now allegedly turned employment at the private hospital into a family affair, told her that “You ain’t gat nothing fug get.

Not knowing where to turn, the woman said that she has been running up and down for days, and had even visited the union but she is not getting any help. As a matter of fact, she was told that the only way that she would be able to successfully have her issue addressed is to take the hospital to court. But of course, that would require exorbitant legal fees which the woman says doesn’t have.

She is now turning to the public to pressure the hospital into paying her the benefits that she is rightfully entitled to at termination.

Anyone who can provide the woman with some assistance or advise in connection with this matter can reach her at telephone number: 222-2717

But while the woman situation may seem unique, at least two other staff t the hospital is claiming that there are numerous instances of abuse and derailment of the labour laws, with staff allegedly being forced to work several extra hours for which payment is a problem.

Since a fire several years ago, the hospital has been struggling to keep its finances intact and had held many fundraisers in the past to raise money, in an effort to restore it to its former glory. But for some staff members, this is being done at their detriment.

They are of this view because the hospital is allegedly laying off staffs several months before their due time for certain benefits and is recruiting new ones.
According to them, the hospital is involved in employment fraud, as it is trying to avoid paying benefits to its workers.

They are urging the respective arms of the government to look into its operations, and their issues.

Efforts to contact Mr Gaskin at the St, Joseph Mercy Hospital for his comment on this matter up to press time proved futile