The Ministry of the Presidency is saying that contrary to an article which appeared in this publication today with the headline “President Cannot Speak – Cancer Is In The Throat”, the president is speaking.

The administration also stood by the first diagnosis but did not outrightly say whether the cancer was indeed in the throat.

This publication had reported that at the time the information was received, the President was not speaking, and relied heavily on information from its sources in Cuba.

Readers would recall that when the Government was claiming the President’s illness to be something else, it was the Guyana Guardian that first broke the news that the President was suffering from Cancer.
About seven days later, the State subsequently admitted that this was true, but sought to explain that it was Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma; – a form of cancer that is completely different from throat cancer.

Upon the President’s return, he was observed wearing a mask to prevent bacteria from flowing into his mouth or nostril.
Several cancer experts with whom this publication subsequently spoke, explained that the mask was not consistent with someone suffering from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, and is definitely more reflective of throat or lung cancer.

Subsequent checks by this publication with at least two sources in Cuba came back with one claiming that the President was suffering from throat cancer.

In the Ministry of the Presidency press release, which was sent out to local media houses earlier this afternoon, the government labelled the article that was published by the Guardian to this effect as untrue, while roasting the publication for publishing the content.

Interestingly, even though publicly available statistics show that articles from the Guyana Guardian have the largest lot of social media sharing numbers among all news publications in Guyana, the Ministry of the Presidency did not send a copy of the press release to this publication, which was subsequently shared by another news outlet.


Georgetown, Guyana – (December 9, 2018): The Ministry of the Presidency rejects the malicious and wicked publishing of false articles relating to the health of His Excellency, David Granger by Guyana Guardian an online media outfit headlined, ‘President cannot speak- Cancer is in the throat’.

Despite the Ministry of the Presidency’s issuing of several press releases and videos of the Head of State on the issue of his health, the Guyana Guardian continues to spread fake news via its website and Facebook page with the intent of causing public mischief and panic.

President Granger has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and not throat cancer as is being suggested by the online media outfit. He is currently being treated in the Republic of Cuba by specialists.

In fact, President Granger and his wife, First Lady Mrs. Sandra Granger departed Guyana for Cuba on December 4, 2018 to undergo a second round of treatment at the Centro de Investigaciones Médico Quirúrgicas (CIMEQ).

Prior to his departure on December 4, the President explained that CIMEQ has drafted a schedule of treatment which will run until May 2019. After his second round of treatment, the President is expected to return to Cuba later this month to begin the third cycle of chemotherapy.

While the Government of Guyana respects the fundamental right of its citizens to freedom of speech, as well as press freedom, it condemns in the strongest possible way, the publishing of misinformation, untruths.

The Ministry of the Presidency, once again, calls on the members of the public not to be duped by the misinformation, falsehoods and distortions consistently published by the Guyana Guardian.

NOTE: A video link to an interview with President David Granger on the subject of his health is below. This interview was done on December 4, 2018, before he departed Guyana for the Republic of Cuba. The video can also be viewed on the Ministry of the Presidency’s Facebook Page.