A young student who is currently preparing herself for the CSEC exams almost lost her life after a man attacked her Tuesday night while she was on her way home from extra lessons.

The Guyana Guardian understands that the teenage girl whose name has been given as Ashely Sookhoo, and who is a Covent Garden fifth form student, was returning to her Eccles East Bank Demerara home at around 7pm on Tuesday, and decided to walk through the Flourmill road.

However, while in the vicinity of the Flour Mill Bridge, a young man who seems to be in his twenties and of African descent, approached her from behind with a bicycle and strangely asked her for a phone call.

The teen who is not allowed to carry a cell phone immediately told the young man that she cannot give him a phone call since she does not have a phone.

At the same time, the teen felt uneasy and tried to walk faster away from the young man, but he became annoyed and insisted that the teen must have a phone in her possession.

Becoming more afraid, the teen began to walk away even faster, but the young man slid off of his cycle and began to walk just as quickly behind her.

But before she could have screamed, the man grabbed her neck and began to choke her.

However, as she fought for her life, he took a beer bottle with his other hand, and lashed her in the face, which resulted in blood immediately oozing from a wound.

Even so, the young teen still continued to fight for her life, prompting her attacker to take the bottle and beat her in the head, in an effort to knock her out, but the teen kept on fighting.

Intending to battle even until death, the teen is said to have fought viciously with her attacker and began to scream for help, once he had let go of her throat.

But still, the man continued his efforts to knock her out by beating her even more on her head with the bottle before resorting to hitting her all over her body, including her hands.

Albeit so, the teen refused to give up and struggled with her much stronger attacker while still screaming for help.

And just when the man’s head lashing began to weaken her, an aunt who resides on the upper flat of their house heard her screams and called out for her father who immediately rushed to her rescue.

Realizing that her father was on to him, the unknown attacker picked up his bicycle and hurriedly ride away through the bridge that separates the Flourmill road from water street, before disappearing into the dark.

Citing the teen’s bloodied state, her relatives immediately reported the matter to the police and then rushed her to the woodlands hospital where she received six stitches; – which includes three to her left eye.

While the man is a complete stranger to her, the teen is said to have taken a good look at his face, and is in a proper position to identify him if she should see him again.

Her distraught father has since told the Guyana Guardian that his daughter is recovering well at home.

Her sister, Ms. Abby Sookhoo had explained that many youths who are often up to no good from the neighboring village would normally come into Eccles via the connecting bridge and attack persons in the community, before slipping over back.

She is of the view that something needs to be done about the easy access that the bridge has been providing for criminals.

Only one day ago, this publication has similarly reported on an incident in Diamond, where another school-girl was attacked and choked by a man on a motorcycle.

The man had also used a connecting bridge to escape into the neighbouring village of Grove, after that teen also put up a fight and screamed.

This has since brought the number of confirmed attacks against teenage girls by young men on cycles on the East Bank of Demerara to two so far for this week, and about seven for the past month.