The Guyana Police Force revealed this evening that striking school teachers have no permission whatsoever to hold any protest in the streets of Georgetown.

In the missive, Police Spokesman, Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan said that some sections of society have been speculating that the teachers have planned to take their protest actions to the streets.

The issue has apparently created a great degree of unease among the business community and other sections of civil society, who feared that a city-wide street protest can create a number of security and economic issues for them.

Ramlakhan said, however, that a team of senior officers from A’ Division met with Secretary of the GTU Ms Coretta McDibald who says that she was unaware of any impending street protest.

However, this publication understands that the only person who might be in a better position to confirm whether the teachers would take to the streets is Mark Lyte, President of the GTU.

Efforts by this publication to contact Mr Lyte in this regard up to press time were unsuccessful.

But even so, the police force reiterated that the teachers have no permission to hold street protests.

Nonetheless, it remains unclear what action the Guyana Police Force intends to take if the teachers do take to the streets of Georgetown to protest their demands for increased wages.