Leona Samlall, the Guyanese teenager who was shot and killed last Thursday in Virginia, along with another Guyanese 18-year-old girl, was said to be the stepfather, child-father, and lover of the now-dead teen.

Originally reported to be the niece of the captured accused murderer Abdool Zaman, Called ‘Terry’, several persons have since contacted this publication to say that Zaman was the father of a three-month-old baby that the teen has borne for him.

According to a relative with inside knowledge of the incident, Abdool ‘Terry’ Zaman was once married to a Guyanese woman with whom he had one child – Vanessa Zaman, but was having an affair with another woman at the same time. After his wife, who has been enduring years of abuse, had found out about the affair, she subsequently divorced Zaman, who went on to settle with his lover.

At the time, his lover had a three-year-old child, Leona Samlall, who was born from a previous union.

It is said that Zaman then began to raise the child as his own from the age of three. But by the time the child was six-years-old, Zaman and his lover became separated after she ironically began to cheat on him by sleeping with his brother.

The woman then left Zaman and moved in with his brother who was living right next door to him. But she moved in alone and left the 6-year old child in the care of her former lover, who then began to raise the child as his own.

By the time the child was 13, it is widely believed that Abdool Zaman was already sleeping with her.

However, at some point, while the child was just 15 and was still interfacing with her mother, Mr. Zaman secretly took the teen away to Florida and began to formally live-home with her, unbeknownst to her mother.

Thereafter, a missing person report was filed and the child was not seen for some time before turning up in Florida, but was actually holed up by Zaman who repeatedly beat and sexually abused her.

Eventually, the teen became pregnant at 17 for Zaman and give birth to a baby boy, who is now just three-months-old.

Just after the baby was born, Mr. Zaman’s first daughter was able to locate him after several years of his absence from her life, and immediately decided that she would want to go see her father and even attend College in Florida.

But upon visiting her father, 18-year-old Vanessa was shocked to discover that her father was living with a teen whom she had witnessed him abusing.

Shocked by the discovery, Vanessa agreed to help the young girl to escape by taking her to the State of Virginia by her grandmother, where arrangements were being made to hand the teen over to her relatives.

However, fate was not with them that day, as Mr. Zaman caught up with them just outside of the apartment. And after a brief exchange of words, the child rapist and abductor pulled out a gun, point in the direction of the daughter and the escaping teen, and pumped every last round into their respective bodies.

After the last shot was fired, two innocent 18-year-old girls were left for dead.

Zaman then calmly walked away, resulting in a manhunt across three States, and his eventual capture in Queens New York.