At first glimpse and as first claimed by his girlfriend, it seemed as if 22-year-old Rockie Pedro life was snuffed out in an accident on the Takutu Bridge which connects the border roadways between Brazil and Guyana.

After all, death as a result of a vehicular accident is usually an open and shut case.

But as daylight gleamed upon the body, and family members began to make their own check, the sight of three stab wounds to his neck was clearly visible.

Furthermore, there were no vehicles in sight or even the slightest sign of a vehicular accident around the area where his body was found.

Now, the young man whose case was first reported as an accident this morning, turns out to be the victim of a vicious murder plot that offers no clear reason as to why it had to happen in the first place.

But in an exclusive interview with the Guyana Guardian, the relatives of the deceased youth and other witnesses, give this publication an insight into what had transpired, before the young Pedro’s life was snuffed out.

According to the grieving family, the young man was living in BomFin on the Brazil side of the border at the time of his death, and would often come home with his young Guyanese girlfriend, to visit his relatives or simply to socialize.

So when he collected a lump sum payment from his boss on Friday, he opted to bring his girlfriend and his friends over the border to have a few drinks and enjoy themselves.

What the young Pedro did not know was that he was actually prepping himself up for his own death.

It is understood that while entertaining his friends, an argument broke out among them at around 8pm last evening, but later subsided.

Family members are not certain what the argument was about, even though there are some suspicions that it probably has something to do with the deceased youth’s girlfriend.

Nonetheless, after several hours of entertainment, Rockie, his girlfriend, and his friends proceeded to the border bridge to get back to his home in BomFin.

But after crossing over the demarcation line and reaching the Brazil side of the bridge, the same friends that he was buying drinks for a few hours earlier, allegedly plunged their knives into his neck and watched as he stumbles to the ground to certain death.

Within minutes, the remaining sums of money he had in his pockets were taken, while his girlfriend allegedly joined in and remove his identification card and other documents.

The suspected perpetrators then apparently traveled to Tabatinga, to avoid being caught.

Speaking to the Guyana Guardian, one of the dead lad’s sister, Mary, told this publication that despite their efforts, the girlfriend remains in hiding, and obviously reluctant to say exactly what had happened.

The woman explained that the now dead Rockie was her youngest sibling, and as it is, the family is in a state of despair.

She described the killing as senseless, and insisted that justice must be served.

It is understood that three men are currently in custody, while the hunt continues for several others, including the dead man’s girlfriend.