A policeman who had allegedly stolen a woman’s cell phone is now in a lot of hot water, after the entire act was caught on camera.

According to a missive from the Guyana Police Force, police constable John Small, 23, of Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara, along with another rank went to a food stand at the Double ‘D’ Mall situated at Charity Public Road.

While entering the premises along with another rank, Small who was in uniform, was observed stealing a Samsung S7 Edge cellular phone valued $119,000.00, which is the property of Angelena Byrne of Phantom Street, Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast.

After a subsequent review of the surveillance cameras in the building, Small was charged with simple larceny.

Interestingly, the charge against Small was dismissed after he appeared before Magistrate E. Sam at the Charity Magistrate’s Court yesterday since the victim decided not to give any evidence against the constable.