Two men are now hospitalized with stab wounds and chops about their bodies after one had accused the other of stealing money from a wash bay.

Information reaching this publication has established that at about 9:45pm on Monday last, an argument erupted at the “Road End Car Wash” at Vreesland on the West Bank of Demerara, between an employee, and a young man called Junior Price who is the sibling of the owner of the wash bay.

It is understood that Price had accused the employee, whose only name has been given as Palmer, of stealing money from the business.

Price had claimed that Palmer who hails from Wakes, also on the West Bank of Demerara, was responsible for the disappearance of money from the establishment on several occasions.

According to eyewitnesses, Palmer became upset at the accusations, and made threats to Price, while denying any knowledge about the theft, before leaving the establishment.

Palmer then came back a few minutes later and met with his boss Eddie Price, as well as the younger brother, who had accused him of stealing, in a bid to resolve the matter.

However, according to a friend of Palmer, the men pushed him to the ground and began to kick him in his stomach.

Incidentally, after seeing this, the victim’s friend, who was not far from the scene, intervened with a cutlass in hand.

In response, the Price brothers collected their cutlasses too, before it became a full-blown cutlass battle.

But when the dust was settled, Junior Price lay wounded on the ground, while Palmer had also suffered injuries.

The police at the Wales police station was then called in. Witnesses say they arrived quickly on the scene and rushed the two men to the hospital, while one remained to investigate the matter.

Price was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital with visible chop wounds to the face, ear, neck and other parts of his body.

His condition has been listed as critical.

Palmer’s friend (no name given) was admitted suffering from internal bleeding and injuries to the head.

In a brief interview with this publication today, Palmer has made it clear that “this isn’t the end; blood must shed”.

While the police are actively investigating the matter, it remains unclear as to whether Palmer was already interviewed and processed by them, or whether he is currently a person of interest.