Two men are now in a critical condition after they were hit at around 7pm last evening, by a yet-to-be-identified vehicle on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway.

One of the men, who is of East Indian descent, suffered major fractures to the lower extremities, and lacerations to the skull, while the other, who is of African descent, suffered a dislocated right shoulder, lacerations to the left eye, and bruises about the hands and knees.

The first man was grimacing even as he was lying on the road, until the ambulance from the McKenzie hospital took its casual time to arrive, without any sirens.

Fortunately, a team of medical personnel from Berbice that were passing the scene at the time, offered their assistance, which kept the men stable until they were transferred to the hospital.

The first was immediately taken to the hospital by the ambulance, while the second was carried there by his son.

While details surrounding the incident remains unknown, passersby have suggested that a driver probably hit the men off of a motorcycle that was found a few feet away in the bushes.