Two people met a grizzly death yesterday evening on the Bellevue public (WBD), in an accident that is still twisted in much mystery, even to the police.

The Guyana Guardian understand that one of the now dead persons, 54-year-old UN Operations Officer Oswald Dey of Goed Intent, WBD, had left his home at around 9:45 pm last night to visit a friend, a few villages away.

But while he was on his way, he reportedly collided with a vagrant who was said to be under the influence of alcohol, then lost control of his cycle and ended up into the path of an oncoming minibus that was allegedly speeding along the road.

But even so, the accident scene seems to tell a different story, as investigators are saying that it is still unclear as to whether the deceased was a primary or secondary participant in the accident.

The lawmen and the man’s relatives are now awaiting a postmortem examination to assist in bringing some conclusion as it relates to the exact cause of death.

His son, Marvin Dey, has since told the Guyana Guardian that his father was very observant in regards to road safety and couldn’t possibly cause the tragedy.

“He was always very careful and worked hard”, he said with tearful eyes.

Residents say the refugee called ‘Mona’, also died on the spot.