With the city being plagued with constants acts of robbery, pick-pocketing, and other classes of criminal occurrences daily, law enforcement officials have been gradually doing their best to deter criminals from executing their dirty plans.

And while good results are somewhat slow to come by, a team of city policemen headed by Constable Kelly, proved on Wednesday that their continued efforts to deter criminals from preying on innocent citizens is not an unrealistic endeavor after all.

Based upon several eyewitnesses’ accounts, the team of city police officers was patrolling the Stabroek Market area on Wednesday last, when they observed two known characters acting suspiciously.

Sensing that the two youths were most likely armed, and was up to no good, the officers monitored them while they were staking out and pointing out potential victims, including school children in the vicinity of the Royal Castle fast food outlet.

Deciding that it will be safer to investigate further than to be sorry later, Constable Kelly and his colleagues moved in on the two youths and executed a stop and search exercise.

During the search, an ice pick, a concealed chopper, and one scissors; all being common instruments that are often used by criminals to attack their victims and for generally executing robberies against members of the public; were found in the two youth’s possession.

The three instruments that was found on the two youths.
The three instruments that were found on the two youths.

When questioned about the implements, the two youths could not provide any explanation to the police, as to why they were carrying them, and where they were going.


They were then cautioned, and escorted to the constabulary outpost for further questioning.

Several members of the public who had witnessed the arrest commended the city policemen for being tactical and pre-emptive in their fight against criminal elements.

The matter is currently under investigation.