Prospective UG students and many who have used the online registration system before them are complaining that the university’s digital enrollment platform is arguably the worst in the whole Caribbean, and possibly the entire Western Hemisphere.

Already confusing and cumbersome to fill out, they lamented that the online portal is not student friendly, is outdated, and sometimes requires hours or days of effort to fill out what was suppose to be a ten minutes application process.

Persons with professional technological knowledge have also pointed to the fact that the university’s online registration system is built using amateur-level designers and engineering, who seems to lack the required knowledge to on how to design a user-friendly interface and a robust back-end.

For them, the university’s current online registration system should be thrown out of the window, and a more modern user-friendly portal install.

They pointed this publication to several online registration software that are perfectly suited for universities, and is being sold by various international technology companies for as little US$80 (eighty dollars) right up to about US$500 for the more complex and advanced ones that are deployed by some universities in the United States and elsewhere.

In their opinion, a “ready-done” online registration platform is too ridiculously cheap for the university to be still stuck with the current one that is giving would-be students their worst nightmares.

“An online registration system is too cheap and easy to install for the university not to have already switched out from that mess that they are presenting to people”, said Shawn Looknauth, a junior level programmer who designs websites on a freelance basis.

He lamented that the university might only be ready to upgrade the current system when someone decides to rob the government by taking up a contract to install a US$80 (eighty dollars) online registration software, and then ask the State for G$8 million.

For him, installing a new registration system or upgrading to a more advanced registration system is a two-hour task that should cost the state or the university almost nothing to do.

From applications being self-deleted, unaccounted for, or data unexplainably missing, the woes experienced by students using the university’s online registration system has been a tormenting experience at best.

Hundreds of students that are writing CSEC this year, and is planning to attend university from the new academic year, in addition to current UG students who have to re-register for other courses, are pleading with the new university board and the government to swiftly address the shortcomings that are associated with the current online registration system at the University.