Georgetown, Guyana; – While the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) has withdrawn its accreditation of medical degrees that are issued by the University of Guyana over training quality concerns, the medical authorities in the United States and England seems to disagree.

Checks with at least three State medical boards in the United States and the United Kingdom by the Guyana Guardian have revealed that the authorities in those countries still have confidence in the medical degrees that are being issued by the University of Guyana (UG).

Therefore, all medical field graduates from UG will be able to do their clinical rotations in the United States and England, and subsequently gain employment in those countries, of course after satisfying additional examinations requirements.

This clarification was made to the Guyana Guardian by at least three reliable sources, including an official at the Medical Board of California, who confirmed that medical degrees from the University of Guyana are still recognized by the State. And as a matter of fact, the University of Guyana is the only institution from Guyana whose medical degrees are recognized by the State.

A generic notice on the Medical Board of California official website HERE has since confirm this.

Checks with a handful of other major US States and medical authorities in England and the rest of Europe also indicated that the medical degrees from the University of Guyana are still recognized in all of the major countries including Canada.

This will of course be good news for many of the recent UG medicine graduates who had thought that they would only be able to practice medicine in Guyana, after that institution had lost its accreditation from CAAM-HP several months ago.

CAAM-HP is based in Jamaica and was established by treaty as an accrediting body for all medical, dental, and veterinary training schools that are operational within the 15 nation Caribbean Community (CARICOM).