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Working at the Guyana Guardian

The Guyana Guardian is one of the most widely internationally syndicated news publication in Guyana.

Established since the later part of 2014, the publication started out as an online news portal whose primary focus was initially on the Guyanese diaspora in the UK, but soon evolved into a subscriber print-order newspaper that is also catered to the Guyanese population at home.

Even so, the newspaper is now moving away from being a subscriber-delivery-only newsprint, to a formal newsstand weekly tabloid, that would be available to the wider public in Guyana, New York, and London, from the first day of September, 2017.

The publication whose focus is more aligned on investigative, socially challenging, and research based news content, prefers to dispense articles that are factually unique, and that can remain fresh regardless of when it is read.

With an average of between 10,000 to 60,000 online readers per day; articles that appears in the Guyana Guardian enjoys an impressive volume of local and international readership that is almost unachievable for most of the other news publications in Guyana.

As a matter of fact, articles that are published by the Guardian are generally republished by a large number of international news syndicates including Caribbean News Now, Fox news, Al Jazeera Network, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Huffington Post, and the UK Guardian among others.

Therefore, our news content and the names of our authors reach a much broader international readership range than most other publications and journals in Guyana.

As such, landing a journalism stint at the Guyana Guardian does not only build your journalism reputation on the local scene; – it also puts your name in front of Editors and readers from a large number of international respected news publications around the world.

Moreover, every fulltime or permanently contracted journalist that works at the Guyana Guardian receives sponsored training and certification from the BBC, and the London School of Journalism.

Staffs also benefit from group medical insurance coverage, paid vacation leave, and paid journalism internship opportunities with other international news publications.

So if you are in for being a part of the team that is on a mission to positively change Guyana’s journalism landscape while building an admirable international journalism reputation for yourself, then you have to be a part of the team at the Guyana Guardian.

Who we are looking for;

If you are lazy, complains a lot, and do not has a niche to write creative news content, then we wouldn’t be interested in employing you.

But if you are academically qualified, smart-minded, has an imaginative mindset, has an investigative mindset, is innovative, can put great stories together, can honour deadlines, is very objective, and is not afraid to grab life by the horn; then we would love to hear from you.

At the Guyana Guardian, we are looking for people who can pen articles across a wide array of topics. We are usually interested in impressive articles that can fit well into either of the following categories/ niches; –

1 – Family and relationships

(2) Women’s health

(3) International politics

(4) Pop culture

(5) Caribbean affairs

(6) Investigative pieces

(7) Satire

(8) Vacation and Travel, and

(9) Consumer technology.


Employment type

We offer fulltime, freelancer, and contributor job opportunities, and is always open to discuss a salary or payment figure that is satisfactory to you.

How to apply:

If you think that you have what it takes to make our team, then please send a cover letter and your CV to:


How to find us

Our East Coast Demerara printing plant is generally off-limits, and usually requires pre-approval from management before you can visit.

But if  you wish to visit our Editorial office for a job interview or to share your story, then you can use the information on the contact page of this site.

Otherwise, we are located on the third floor of Sharon’s building which is at the corner of King and Charlotte Streets (in Georgetown). We are basically across the road from Maraj building and across the road from the Charlotte street side of the High Court.

Assuming that you find Sharon’s building, you can use an elevator from the Charlotte street entrance to come on the third floor, or you can use the stairs from either the King Street or Charlotte street entrance and walk up to the third floor. (Take it easy up the stairs because it is usually breathlessly tough for first timers).
Once you are on the third floor, please look for Suite number 326 on the doors (We are located on the North Eastern end of the building).

It will be ok to knock on the door and then enter. Once you are in, you must knock on the second door in order for a staff to open up for you.

And once you are here, it will be ok to ask us for a cup of coffee or a cold drink of water, because we know how bad it can be when you miss your breakfast in the morning, or how thirsty you can be after taking an entire half hour to find where you are actually going.

But if you are lost in the building (even though we think that we have done well here to give you directions), then please feel free to call us at: 225-1574, and we will surely leave our desk to come and find you.

Well if you don’t have credit to call (as is customary for most Guyanese), then ask someone else in the building for directions.

And if no one is there to direct you, then “Cat eat your dinner”.

See you soon.


RETAILERS WANTED: to sell the weekly printed edition of the Guyana Guardian. Credit available. Free delivery. Call: 225-1470