Tremors from a 7.3 earthquake have created widespread panic in Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, Grenada, and a whole host of other countries in the Americas including Panama, Colombia and Peru.

The US National Earthquake Information Centre has since reported that the centre of the earthquake was just on the Venezuelan Coast, but did not report whether there were any major damages or loss of lives.

Venezuela is already going through an economic crisis, and observers are hoping that the earthquake does not add to the country’s woes.

The aftershocks from the earthquake was felt as a tremor in a number of countries in the Americas, and was more prevalent between 5:40pm and 6pm this evening, based upon multiple reports.

Officials from several countries where the aftershock of the earthquake was felt, have since taken to social media, and is urging the public to remain calm.

However, social media was full of panicking reports from persons from across various Islands in the Caribbean, enteral America and South America.

Guyana had last experienced a major earth tremor more than ten years ago, and there is a recollection of only three over the last thirty years.

In those cases, Guyanese had felt the earth shook for almost two minutes. However, today’s tremor is said to have lasted for about a minute and a half throughout the Americas.