(Caution: The Youtube video that is associated with this article contains scenes of a dead person being examined at a crime scene. While it is not considered gore, the occurrences in this video can still be considered offensive to some. Viewers discretion is advised).

Three separate but scene-related videos which showed undertakers stripping a dead 32-year-old Reona Payne of her jewelry in preparation for escorting (on the 31 March) to the GPHC mortuary has created mixed reactions among her friends, families and social media viewers alike.

The three videos which were filmed presumably by a detective and other authorized persons at the crime scene were subsequently posted and share on Facebook.

While some persons were quick to defend its posting and cited that more graphic content of crime scenes are being posted on social media, others did not agree.

For them, any images regarding the processing of a body at a crime scene or anywhere else for that matter should have remained confidential.

Ms. Payne was shot and killed at about 10:50am last Saturday, allegedly at the hands of her live-in partner, former Army Captain Orwain Sandy, who is accused of pumping several bullets into her body, after an argument between the couple.

Captain Sandy had accused Ms. Payne of having outside relationships with at least two other persons.