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Vincent Alexander accuses the Guyana Guardian of defamation in a letter defending Texila


In a scathing letter that was published yesterday by the Stabroek News, a privately held newspaper in Guyana, Ministry of Education Technical Adviser Mr. Vincent Alexander roasted the Guyana Guardian for publishing several articles in which the integrity of the degrees that are issued by the Texila American University was brought into question.

According to Alexander, “the articles referred to were widely circulated and sought to discredit Texila American University and besmirch the name of the National Accreditation Council of Guyana”.

He went on to attack the publication and accused its editorial and its writing staff of making quantum leaps on the issue of facts.

However, Mr. Alexander failed to address many of the points that were raised by the Guyana Guardian, and even inadequately addressed one of the points that he was seemingly eager to defend; – which was the international non-recognition of medical degrees that are issued by the Texila American University.

When showed Mr. Alexander’s letter, Editor in Chief of the Guyana Guardian, Dennis E. Adonis indicated that Mr. Alexander’s response and tone in that letter has now thrown his impartial capabilities and reputation into question.

According to Adonis, he had always harboured a great deal of regard for Mr. Alexander, but is not sure that the gentleman has the legal wisdom to properly determine that the information that was published by the Guyana Guardian was defamatory.

“I never knew that the guy was a lawyer”, said the apparently humoured Adonis.

He stressed that the letter in itself by Mr. Alexander was filled with a great degree of bitterness, and drew reference to the manner in which his name was quoted in the local educator’s letter.

While surmising that the Stabroek News itself has shown poor judgment by quoting a contentious headline for the letter, Mr. Adonis said that he will forgave that publication’s lack of foresight this time around.

The Guyana Guardian had published an initial article (read that article here) in which it had highlighted the fact that the US educational system does not recognized the degrees that are issued by Texila.

The story was supported by several facts uncovered during an investigation by the Al Jazeera Network into the operations of several offshore universities in the Caribbean that are widely accused of offering non-recognizable degrees to unsuspecting students.

Some officials of the National Accreditation Council of Guyana are also subjects of the video documentary that is being compiled by the Al Jazeera network.

The Guyana Guardian’s editorial who have been facilitating the work of the Al Jazeera researchers have since found itself under constant fire from some local officials who are concerned about the perceived negative impact of the impending documentary.

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  1. Please think and write about other off shore universities which include all . why twin island university is not allowed to get registration .

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