A man who decided to visit a wake house to sympathize with the relatives of his dead friend, would now most likely have the favors of a wake returned, after he was fatally struck down by a car while leaving the said wake house.

The dead man whose name has been given as Doodnauth Sookraj, and who hails from 6th Street Whim, Corentyne, lost his life at about 1:30am this morning, after he was struck down by an alleged drunk driver, who ironically happens to be his neighbour.

According to the dead man’s wife, he had left since the evening before to visit the wake house, but never left until after 1am the next morning.

The grieving woman said that she learned about her husband’s tragic end via a phone call.

The call was made by 25 year old Mohindra Sookraj, the deceased man’s nephew, who was also in the very vehicle that ended his uncle’s life.

According to Sookraj, the driver was taking him home when he felt as if the vehicle had hit something.
The driver reportedly confirmed to the man’s nephew that he had hit something, and immediately stopped his car to investigate.

It was then that Mohindra recognized his uncle, who was in a severely injured state, and lying on the roadway.

The nephew said that he insisted that his uncle be taken to the hospital, since he was still somehow clinging to life. But by the time they arrived at the hospital with him, he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Based on reports, the driver, identified as Goutam Budhoo, 26, was heading east along the Whim public road, and Sookraj was riding in the opposite direction when the tragedy occurred.

A breathalyzer test that was subsequently conducted revealed that Budhoo had exceeded the legal limit.

The deceased leaves to mourn a wife and three children.