Mabaruma Police has arrested a 45yr old woman and her two adult-age children after a search of their apartment revealed a large stock of explosives.

The Guyana Guardian was reliably informed that the woman whose name has been given by villagers as Ms. Lilawattie Singh who hails from 116 Alexander Village, and who also trade at the Waterfront in Kumaka, was taken into custody after a police raid found a large stock of life-threatening explosives, which included 33 units that are known as the Bin Laden Bomb, among several other explosives of various calibers.

The explosives were said to be imported illegally from Venezuela and are usually sold here on the black market.

The items are prohibited in Guyana in any case, hence licenses are not issued to anyone to import them except the army for both celebratory and other purposes.

The woman along with her two children whose name and ages have been given as Jovonie Allicock 19, and Leon Allicock 23, are currently in custody.

They are expected to be processed for court soon.