A Haslington East Coast Demerara woman and her seven children are now fearful for their lives, after two men with strong connections to three named members of the Guyana Police Force gave her and two of those children a severe beating with an iron pipe, resulting in her being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

the woman, Ms. Ramrattie Rajcoomar is now out of the hospital but has to undergo more surgeries.

The two men who had beaten her and her children has been identified as brothers, Asif Mohamed and Shaieed Mohamed. It is understood that the incident has its nexus in an alleged relationship that a 19-year-old son of the woman has with a girl that one of the Mohammed brothers is also dating.

Speaking to the Guyana Guardian in an obvious state of distress, Ms. Rajcoomar, explained that the men had been looking for her son to do him harm, or to possibly kill him, over the alleged triangular love affair.

Fearful for her son’s life, Ms. Rajcoomar said she decided to go to the Mohammed family in an effort to bring a peaceful resolution to the matter.
However, when she arrived at the gate of their residence with her 9-year-son, who had accompanied his mother because it was already dark, she was given a greeting that she never expected.

Claiming that she does not know her son’s whereabouts, the two brothers, Asif Mohamed and Shaieed Mohamed, allegedly took an iron pipe and started to beat her in the head, arm, and about the body, leaving her with broken bones.
Her little son was also beaten by the men who only stopped after the woman lay helpless before them.

Several minutes later, when the woman would have struggled to make her way back home in excruciating pain, the men subsequently catch up with her 19-year-old son, and beat him severely too.

When her distressed husband, Seegobin Persaud arrived home later that evening, the man was shocked to find his wife and two children with injuries all over their bodies, and unable to move.

They were immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where his wife was admitted to the intensive care unit, while his two sons were treated and later sent away.

However, after reporting the matter to the police, the 19-year-old son was ironically arrested, because the police claimed that they have a report against him from the Mohammed brothers.

He was subsequently charged with assaulting the Mohammed brothers, a scenario that doesn’t seem to make any sense, and was later placed on $50,000 bail after appearing at the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court.

However, the Mohammed Brothers have never appeared in court, but has been indicating through third parties that they are willing to settle the matter and will compensate the family.

When contacted, the police at Cove and John are claiming that they cannot find the Mohammed brothers, and is not sure why they were not charged for the attempted murder of Ms. Rajcoomar.

The woman is now schedule to undergo another surgery, and can take as much as a year for her to fully recover from her injuries, based upon a medical prognosis.

She is now unable to work or even do anything meaningful in the home, and is calling on Minister of Public Security Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan an the Commissioner of police, to look into her matter.

She is also asking for a lawyer and the public to assist her in any way they can.

Time and again, several officers at the Cove and John Police station has been accussed of corrupt dealings are known to charge victims in the past for a fee.
The Mohammed brothers are said to be connected to at least three named police ranks at the said police station.