28 June 2018 – A young woman who went to the court and summoned her child father for child support was this morning stabbed more than twenty times by the deranged man who was angered by her decision.

The Incident occurred at Anna Catherina, on the West Coast of Demerara just after 8am this morning.

According to relatives, the woman whose name has been given as Pinkey, became fed up after her child father was not contributing to the welfare of their son.

As a result, she went to the court last week to seek child support.

The woman, Pinkey, who was stabbed more than 20 times by her child father.
The Guyana Guardian understands that the child-father who became annoyed that the woman had parted ways with him and had taken out a summons, lay waited for her this morning behind a tree that is positioned along the side of a street.

As the woman was passing to take their little son to playschool, the man pounced upon and restrained her, before stabbing the 27-year-old mother of his child with a Rambo knife, more than twenty times, in front of the toddler.

When the woman could no longer move, it was only then that the attacker stopped, and then made good his escape.

The woman was rushed to the hospital, where doctors were engaged in a desperate battle over several hours to save her life.

This publication is currently at the hospital location awaiting an update which will be posted soon.

UPDATE: The woman has survived and is in a stable condition at the hospital. The suspect has been arrested.