A 27-year-old Crabwood Creek, Corentyne woman whose husband had stripped her in front of his cousin with whom he had accused her of having an affair, has confessed that she was indeed involved a relationship with the same cousin.

The woman who defended the extra-marital relationship with her husband’s cousin blamed her partner, claiming that he was the one who pushed her to the edge.

She explained that her husband had made a decision to discontinue the relationship with her, and this somehow encouraged his cousin to seek a union with her.

However, she had continued to live in the family home, and had still shared a common relationship with her husband, who works mostly at sea.

The woman had confessed to her relationship with the cousin in an exclusive interview with the Guyana Guardian and says her husband caused it to happen.

Her husband, 31-year-old Shazam Silvanish had gone berserk on New Year’s Day after accusing her of having an affair with his cousin.

According to the mother of three, herself and husband, who is a fisherman, were at home relaxing when he decided to invite his cousin over to have a drink.

While imbibing, her intoxicated husband in the presence of his relative, began to level accusations of infidelity between her and the said cousin whose name was given as Nehaul.

During the accusation, her husband proceeded to strip her in the presence of his male relative and then beat her severely about the body.

He later set their home ablaze, but not before urging the same cousin to take the battered woman away immediately, before he kills her.

With all earthly possessions damaged, the woman shared that there are no clothing for her kids to go to school when the new academic term begins next week.

She is asking for assistance with a job to support her children, since she is no longer certain that her husband will continue to support them.

In an invited comment, a senior official at the Ministry of Social Services explained that whether a woman is having an extramarital affair or not, that does not give her partner any right to abuse her or threaten to kill her.

While admitting that such a scenario can provoke adverse reactions from a spouse, she stressed that no one knows the woman’s circumstances or whether it was actually an extramarital affair in the first place.

Nonetheless, she is urging the woman to consult with social workers in the region, so that she can receive appropriate counseling and assistance.