A 68-year-old woman who pushed her granddaughter to safety to avoid her being hit by an out-of-control car, is now battling for her life after the same speeding car slammed head-on into her instead.

The Guyana Guardian understands that Bibi Farida Lampkin who hails from New Amsterdam, Berbice, and who does not go anywhere without her 11-year-old granddaughter, was making use of a pedestrian crossing near the Doctors’ quarters between Alexander and Asylum street at around 7pm last night, when tragedy struck.

According to the woman’s granddaughter, Diamond, she and her grandmother were crossing the road when her grandmother allowed her to get safely out of the way of a speeding car which then slammed into the elderly woman.

The child who could have only watched in horror, told this publication that the car had hit the woman so hard that she was thrown into the air over the vehicle and then crashed into the road, head first.

According to an eyewitness, the child immediately began to scream as the elderly woman lay wounded on the road, with blood gushing from her face.

Another eyewitness who saw firsthand when the accident took place, told this publication that the driver had undertaken another vehicle from the pavement side of the road rather than the outer lane, and sped directly into the path of the woman and her granddaughter.

But with the child safely out of harm’s way, the old woman took the full impact of the car, which created a loud thud.

Even then, the driver attempted to flee, but was forced to change his plans after members of the public restrain him from doing so.

The child was also inconsolable as she keeps screaming “you lick down meh grandmother!” the eyewitness recalled.

The Guyana Guardian understands the crowd berated the man and subsequently forced him to take the badly injured woman to the New Amsterdam Hospital.

When this publication visited the scene of the accident, a large swathe of blood was still visible on the road.

At the New Amsterdam hospital, Lampkin’s daughter 29-year-old Odesia Alladin, was overwhelmed with emotions, but told the Guardian that she had received a call informing her that her mother was involved in a vehicular accident.

The woman added that by the time she got to the scene, her mother was already transported to the hospital.

Lampkin who remains hospitalized, and whose condition is listed as critical, is well-known in New Amsterdam for always walking with her granddaughter at her side.

The driver is said to be in police custody.