The luck of a young bandit ran out just before noon today, after a robbery attempt that himself and another accomplice had made on a Durban Street mini-supermarket went horribly wrong.

According to initial reports, both men had earlier entered the grocery store and made a small purchase before departing.
However, the operators of the entity were already suspicious of the men movements, and had placed their staff on high alert.

So when the men returned and demanded cash from the cashier, while brandishing a firearm, one of them was shot, while the other who was serving as a lookout at the doorway, flee the scene.

Minutes later the shot bandit succumbed to his injuries.

It remains unclear as to whether the owner of the grocery store or some other person had shot the bandit.

Photos of the man’s body and the bloody scene quickly hit social media, forcing family members of the slain man to converge on the scene.

Some of the man’s friends on social media who called him by the name ‘Buddha’ expressed sadness at his passing, while other social media users expressed appreciation of the fact that he was killed.

Some even commented that “it is just good fuh he”.

Two women at the scene of the incident, and who appears to be relatives of the man, were overheard wailing and lamenting that the man was not robbing the store as was being claimed. They maintained that he was executed.

The police are currently investigating the crime scene, while video surveillance footages are being examined in a bid to analyze what transpired, in addition to who the dead man’s accomplice may be.